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PANalytical provides solutions for highly reliable and robust chemical and structural analysis of a wide varie...View more

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About us

Already in 1917 Philips invented the first X-ray tube and in 1945 the first X-ray diffractometer was developed, forming the basis for the founding of the X-ray analysis group within Philips. Under the name of ‘Philips Analytical’ we grew continuously and the successes of our X-ray diffractometers (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (XRF) have made us the world-leader in X-ray analysis equipment. In 2002, PANalytical was incorporated into Spectris as an autonomous operating business. We continue to be committed to leadership and innovation, customer satisfaction, safety, environmental health, ethical standards, integrity, fairness, trust and mutual respect. With the increasing demand for on-line systems for the analysis of materials running on conveyor belts, the Sodern PFTNA systems were added to the PANalytical offering palette in 2010. In 2013 ASD Inc. with solutions for remote sensing and mining applications based upon near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) was incorporated in PANalytical. To complement our offerings for fused sample preparation equipment, Canadian ‘La Corporation Scientific Claisse Inc.’ (‘Claisse’) was added to the PANalytical group of companies in 2014. Currently we are the only analytical X-ray equipment supplier with own in-house development and manufacture of the X-ray tubes, the basis for the best analytical performance. We have over 1000 dedicated employees, are present in virtually all countries of the world, hold more than 250 patents and have research centers in Almelo and Eindhoven, the Netherlands and on the campus of the University of Sussex in Brighton (UK). Our fully equipped application laboratories are established in Japan, China, the United States, Brazil and the Netherlands.


Products & Services

X-ray diffractometers Empyrean X'Pert³ Powder X'Pert³ MRD (XL) CubiX³ range X-ray tubes X-ray diffraction tubes X-ray fluorescence tubes X-ray industrial/NDT tubes Near-Infrared spectrometers ASD TerraSpec Halo mineral identifier NIR repair center XRF spectrometers Zetium Axios FAST Epsilon 1 range Epsilon 3X spectrometers Epsilon 5 2830 ZT Software X-ray diffraction software X-ray fluorescence software Consumables Fluxes and chemicals Platinum and labware Reference materials Liquid sample cups Sample preparation instruments LeNeo fusion instrument M4 fusion instrument Eagon 2 fusion instrument TheOx Advanced fusion instrument rFusion modular system MiniMill 2 Manual laboratory press CNA cross-belt analyzers CNA Pentos-Cement CNA-Nickel CNA³


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